Supporting Youth Sports: ENVIROTECH-MIS Sponsors Local Basketball Club's Junior Team

We at MIS Group believe in recognizing and supporting universal human values, and actively contribute to the development of public life through charitable and social projects. We are excited to share one of our recent projects with you:

We are proud to announce that "ENVIROTECH-MIS" (which is a part of "MIS Group") have become sponsors of the junior team of a local basketball club. It is a way to express our support for local sports teams and promote the development of youth sports culture.

We are delighted to see the success of the talented young players who demonstrate a true champion's spirit. The team remains undefeated and has made it to the finals of the tournament, with their sights set on taking first place. We sincerely wish each player continued victories and success both in the tournament and in life.

At MIS Group, we are committed to supporting social and other projects within the framework of our corporate culture 3S (Safety / Society / Sport). We believe that together we can make the world a better place and achieve great results. Let's continue to work towards creating a better society for all.